Pipe Wrench Table

I'm loving this pipe wrench table by designer, Jonathan Niemuth. The only way it would be cooler (and I haven't figured this out yet) is if held itself together by only using the tension of the wrench jaws and eliminating the hardware. Still, a very cool idea. Well done.

via NotCot via Coroflot


  1. The problem with using just the tension is that it's applied by a screw. It's really good for making it tight, but the slight vibrations of movement in and around the house will slowly loosen the grip and the table would fall apart. You would have to tension & glue the wrenches.

  2. JKirchartz - My thoughts exactly. Loctite! Loctite!

    Not to mention you'd have to alter the design. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Same basic design but use one more small one to hold the two largest ones together in the center. And yeah, lots of locktite (or JB Weld...)