Record Roof

Core 77 reports that Nashville musician Matt Glassmeyer came up with this unique solution for shingling his porch roof. Glassmeyer, using nails and washers, attached 350 vinyl records to the roof, and after two years in the Nashville sun, apparently, they still haven't warped. Those labels still look pretty fresh too. Hmmm.

via Core 77

Postscript from Matt Glassmeyer (the artist):
"I thought I'd write to mention that that photo is not the records after two years of use.
I don't want to mislead lots of people. (I've had 14,000 hits on my site this month about it.)
I don't want to make any false claims. This is an experiment after all.

I was interviewed about it and mentioned that I chose to use the records as shingles
because I had put a stack of 110 records with no jackets outside for two years and they were still in good shape when I cleaned them up.
The Core 77 site was sort of vague saying they've been outside for two years. Yes, some of them, but not on the roof.

Those records that were outside for two years are, in fact, on the roof and look the same as the others but they weren't all nailed to the roof for that time.
I think the labels will go by Spring. The thing I learned by testing them outside was that they don't become brittle and the heat and snow didn't affect them.

This roof gets no direct sunlight, by the way."


  1. Looks pretty fresh. Great use of a treasured part of of my childhood. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool idea! Wish I could do it in AZ, but I know they would drip off the roof in our summer heat!