Schmerberg's Igloo

Oh, where to start...so many reasons I love this giant igloo by artist Ralf Schmerberg made almost entirely of refrigerators. One: It's ridiculous, Two: It's filled with all kinds of crazy electronic vignettes. Three: It's a pretty effective statement on how much energy we waste when you take a gander at the power meter that's hooked up to the whole thing. Oh, and four: It's cool looking.

More pics and story over at Inhabitat


  1. Ummm. "So, honey, what are we gonna do with our old refrigerator?" "Let's buy 299 more and hoist them into a giant sculpture of an igloo."

    Yes, I can actually see that happening. No, really! You gotta love the utterly insane imaginations that some people possess! And the fact that there is almost always someone standing beside them that's is saying, "Oh, HELL yeah!"

  2. Instigators. Love 'em. Thanks for the comment!