Virgin in the Doorway

A beautiful bit of graffiti spied over at Wooster Collective, from the streets of Milan.


  1. Hi Dude!
    I write from Italy and I have something to say about graffiti,all i see in this photo is paint spread on a gorgeous ancient doorway not a masterpiece. I'm not an old boring man and I'm not against wall-art at all (I love Bansky's works!) but some people here think that they are living in some gangsta block of a bad american suburb not in a town,like Milan, with beautiful historic palaces.
    I think it's ok if you shout out your message on a dirty wall of your abandoned district but I don't figure out which is the meaning on ruin something yet beautiful,why don't you put down the spray paint can and look at the carved stone, the curves of the wood ? Maybe you could learn something!
    Ok,maybe it's the same old story about "Art or Vandalism?",but I really need to say that!
    Thanks for your dayly threads of good mood and inspiration they really make my day!

  2. Diego,

    I totally get where you're coming from. It's always a battle in my head too. In this case though, I'm virtually certain that the portrait of the Virgin was commissioned. That piece must have taken a lot of planning and a long time to execute. I can't see that this would be something easily perpetrated by middle of the night bombers. What IS unfortunate are all the little ugly tags surrounding and covering the piece.