A Breath of Life

A Breath of Life by Fraser Ross 2010 from FRASER ROSS on Vimeo.

This has got to be one of the most beautiful little projects I've come across in a long time. Using specimen jars, old electronic parts and a new shape changing alloy called Flexinol, Scottish designer, Fraser Ross has created a delicate series of interactive machines that mimic live plants in their movement. The "plants" remain motionless until a human comes along and breathes into the small opening at the front of the jars, then a little ballet of light and movement happens for a brief moment. Magical. I think I watched this video five times.

via Design Milk


  1. Oh wow, that is incredibly awesome! I want one :) Also, I love the music in that video...funny how beautiful things often come together.

  2. Seems that the Flexinol site sells sample kits for people who aren't multinational industrial giants to play with, too :)