Hiroshi Sugimoto's Lightning Fields

Hiroshi Sugimoto is one crazy dude. These photographs are from the exhibition, The Day After, which is showing at the Pace Gallery in New York until December 24th. Here's a bit from Lenscratch about his process:
"Sugimoto radically created the Lightning Fields through a method that did not involve the use of a camera. Instead, in his darkroom, he relied on 400,000 volts of electricity produced from a Van der Graaf Generator and various electrical discharge devices of his own design. He also pursued aqueous discharge experiments with electrically charged film and saltwater baths to create, in both instances, photographs whose subjects literally resemble lightning or primordial life forms."


  1. Has no one else commented on this? Wow! I'm surprised, because these are AMAZING! And the mode of creation makes it all the more so. I'm in awe

  2. Gail - I know, right? I thought I'd have both the photogs and the science geeks commenting all over this one. Cest la vie. I'm glad you did! So, thanks!

  3. This is awesome, makes me want to darkroom experiment more than ever.