Metropolis II

I got a TYCO Racetrack once for Christmas. The kind that you plug in and, in five minutes, already smells like an electrical fire. Also, although the commercial showed all kinds of crazy track configurations, the set came with just enough track to make a small oval. I still loved it, though.

What we have here, is a whole different animal, obviously. I think I would have fainted dead away if I had seen Chris Burden's monstrous, 1200 car creation called Metropolis II when I was a kid. More Like Awesometropolis One Billion! This thing is just mesmerizing. Plus, it has the power to make grown men feel like they're nine years old again, instantly. Nice!

via Design Boom


  1. My 7 year old son and I just watched this video about 10 times in a row each time yelling things like "Awesome! Did you see that! Rad! Lets build one!"

    This video is 7 year old approved (and 36 year old approved as well)

  2. Gene - Whoops. Looks like I've inadvertently given you another project to do. :-)

  3. Nick, I would just need someone to bring burritos to me every 4 hours and I'd agree with you.