Animated Rug

Boy, did I take some heat when I put up this tutorial about how to make one of these animations. People were up in arms about the fact that I hadn't credited Rufus Seder with pioneering the process (I didn't know he did at the time). I'm glad that at least I didn't take the idea and make a rug out of it. Pretty cool though.

via Colossal


  1. I'm thinking big now, a field, a net held over it on poles, give passing planes a treat!...

  2. jon - oh, that would be awesome! Please do that now. :-)

  3. All i need is... a field, an acre of slatted wind break material, hundreds of telegraph poles, a Football Pitch lining machine and black paint...maybe its a project for the warmer weather though.

  4. jon - I don't know. Sounds pretty easy to me. :-)

  5. Dear Paul:
    Nice rug! Nicely designed table, too! I applaud your inventive new application for barrier grid animation! I need that in my living room!
    I should mention that your excellent work really should not be confused with or even called "Scanimation(r)," though. "Scanimation(r)" is my own registered trademark. I came up with the word to describe my particular application of barrier grid animation to the self-performing animated gift items and books I design (you can see these on my company website: www.eyethinkinc.com). Barrier grid animation is an important part-- but only a part-- of what I call Scanimation(r).
    I admit that the recent success of my Scanimation(r) kid's books has probably contributed to people erroneously using "Scanimation(r)" to describe their own experiments in the art of barrier grid animation (although barrier grid animation has been around for more than a century!).
    Again, Paul, I admire your work and your inventive application of the barrier grid animation technique. But would you be kind enough to invent your own word for the great work you've done and to please remove my trademarked word "Scanimation(r)" from your online written description of it? I'd be grateful.


    Rufus Butler Seder

  6. Finally, a rug that does more than just lay there!

  7. Nice one! For anyone who is interested in software to create barrier grid animations easily, have a look at animbar (http://animbar.mnim.org). It does a fantastic job.