Wastepaper Baskets from Waste

I'm digging the work of the Spiral Foundation for, oh so many reasons. Not the least of which are these waste paper baskets made out of plastic bags that you would normally see floating around in any metropolis, like grotesque balloons devoted to consumerism. Instead, artisans are busy repurposing this detritus into useful objects with the proceeds going to assist in the day to day costs of keeping a medical clinic running in Nepal. $36 gets you one of these babies.

via Core77


  1. This is awesome! There's a whole recycled bag bags craft movement. Here's some links:
    I was given a chance to teach poor Ugandan women to make this sort of thing since the bags are a major pollution problem there and so free for their use. They were excited about it being a great income generator even outside the tourist/fair trade market.

  2. K-eM - Wow. Thanks for all the links and for your story. We should all get busy making these things!