Your Baby Can't Have These

Do you know why? Because the ghost of DJ Depree came back from the grave last night and visited me to let me know that House industries, at his request, had made a set of wooden blocks just for me. True story. Sorry kids, you don't want to mess with the wishes of dead purveyors of fine furniture.

Via Swiss Miss

Side note: Did you know that Herman Miller Co. was not only responsible for producing the Eames lounge chair amongst other amazing pieces of mid-century furniture, but they were also responsible for the invention of the cubicle, except they called it the "action office" back then. Every story has a dark side, eh?

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  1. Cool! Where I work we had original Herman Miller year 1 cubes. This was 2001 so they were very old by then and had a tendency to just fall over at times. So glad when 2004 rolled around and we moved to a new building with state of the art Steelcase cubes, especially since as the IT guy I finally had built in network jacks and didn't have to string lines all over.