70 Million

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

I'm digging this music video by Hold Your Horses, in which they tongue-in-cheekily recreate famous paintings from history. Well worth the time.

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Beautiful Backside - The Divan by Doshi Levien

Those of you who are regular readers of DudeCraft know that I don't post about products very often, but holy mother of crimeny! Look at that couch! Yes, look at it! Stare in wonder.

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Parliament Design

Oh yeah, I'd work there. Check out the modern yet warm/spare but cozy world headquarters for Parliament Design. These guys got it right in so many different ways.

Raise your hand if you drooled a little bit when you saw that table with the typewriter on it. Yeah, I thought so.

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Lady Gaga's 20' Tall Piano

There's over-the-top, and then there's Lady Gaga. Peep this twenty-foot tall piano she played at The Royal Variety show recently. I wonder if the tuner had to rappel from the rafters? Oh, and don't forget to dig her red leather Elizabethan get up while you're there. Well played, Lady Gaga. Well played.

video here

Papercuts - The Work of Daniel Mar

I'm digging on the detailed paper work of Daniel Mar who marries negative space with some sweet 3d sculptural pieces. Check out the whole gallery here.

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Illustrated Hitchhiker's Guide

Okay, I'm flying my geek flag high on this one, but come on, an illustrated version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, drawn by John Martz? What's better than that? Nothing.

More here.

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Layered - The Work of Andrea Myers

Andrea Myers' work gets my vote for some of the most interesting sculptures using fabric out there. This from her site:
"Within my artistic practice, I maintain an interest in exploring the space between the two- dimensional and three- dimensional, hybridizing painting, printmaking and sculpture. I feel my work is dependent upon various processes, such as cutting as drawing, the relationship between deconstruction and construction, and the inherent malleability and vulnerability of my chosen materials, namely fabric and paper."

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Reader Submissions - Midweek Edition

I've been getting some stuff in my inbox that is so cool, it just can't wait for the weekend. First, check out these sweet, animated Valentines that Chrispix sent me yesterday. Great job! I love the train. If you go to the YouTube page, there's also a photoshop template and instructions to download.

Second, Yann sent me a link to these limited edition prints of an image I featured just before Valentine's Day. Multiple color schemes are available, but I love the grey one.

Nice work, people. Keep it coming!


The Elephant Parade

Soon, the streets of London will be swarming with 250, artist decorated elephants that will be auctioned by Sotheby's to aid in saving the species from extinction. This elephant is named Phoolan and is being decorated by the collective named Treatment Rooms. Also, check out that truck! Dope!

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Cable Knits

I don't know what size needles Kosuke Tsumura is using, but I'm loving the results. It cant be easy to knit that hugely thick cable. Worth it, I think. You?

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F1 Car From Puma Shoe Boxes

Check out this sweet Formula One car made from recycled Puma shoe boxes currently on display at the Puma store in Chicago. The UK based, Wilson brothers dreamed this beauty up and you can see the complete build log here. Video too.

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Hopping Hopper

Some crafts are beautiful, some unique, some downright strange. I submit that this Hopping Dennis Hopper head is all three, in equal parts. Having just seen the Andy Warhol screen tests (one of which features Hopper), I can't help sort of wanting this thing. See the video here.

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Domino Lamp

I can never get enough of incandescent accent lights. From the small pair of lights in my office to the seven lamps in my studio, I have always preferred soft, area lights to the glaring wash of overhead fixtures. The Domino lamp by Brooklyn based designers, Grenkol is no exception. It comes in 1, 2, and 4 lamp configurations and is available on Etsy. I can already see where part of my next paycheck is going to go.

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I'm digging this series of geometric birds by Argentinian designer, Leandro Castelao. Our feathered friends never looked so modern. Sweet.

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Code Organ

So cool! You type in your website's URL and Code Organ makes a song out of it. DudeCraft, by the way, makes a pretty rad song.

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Lunchbreath Goes to the Auto Show

I love Lunchbreath's cartoons over at Core77, and found this one especially spot on. Part of a series on his visit to the auto show. Check 'em all out here.

Paper Wars

Papierkrieg from Makaio Tisu on Vimeo.

I'm digging this portrayal of a typical game of childhood one upmanship that spawns a crazy paper war.

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Robot Mouse

I don't know if I'd cough up $300 for it, but I am digging on the steampunk meets atompunk aesthetic of Aaron Ristau's Robot Mouse, currently for sale in the Maker's Market.

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Lepidopterecycled - The Work of Michelle Stitzlein

I love found object work because it combines so many different skills. You have to be good at hunting, assembling, color and a host of other things to bring your creation to life. I especially love the stuff made from junk or castoffs, ripped from the landfill and repurposed into something beautiful. Michelle Stitzlein's giant butterflies are a perfect example. This from the site:
"Michelle Stitzlein creates found object art / sculpture from recycled materials, including piano keys, broken china, license plates, rusty tin cans, electrical wire, bottlecaps, and other miscellaneous items."

More at Art Grange


Ghostbusters Goes Modern

I'm totally digging on Brandon Schaefer's modernist take on the Paranormal Elimination Administration. Marrying the PEA with a WPA sensibility makes Ghostbusters look cooler than ever. Many more re-worked movie posers at his site.

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Vacuum Cleaner Human Fly

British prop man, Jem Stansfield worked out a way to use two vacuum cleaner motors, some plywood and some rubber to turn himself into a human fly. The most amazing thing is that it works on rough surfaces, like brick, and smooth surfaces as well. Nice!

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Child-Sized Dome Tent

I ran across this genius little dome tent made from hula hoops and a fitted sheet over at Dollar Store Crafts this afternoon. What little critter wouldn't love this thing? Heck, I'm considering making a dog version. Full instructions and pattern here.

Tubular - Suppose Design Office

I dig retail designs that look like I could do them myself for minimal cost, so I love this cave-like design by Japanese firm, Suppose Design Office. Looks like a stalactite pipe organ. Cool.
Many more pictures over at Design Boom.

Flickr Pool Roundup - Week of 2/14

The Dude Craft Flickr Pool was bursting at the seams with amazing stuff this week! There was bleach stenciling, fantastic papercuts, macrame, needlepoint, and the list goes on. To view all the projects, head over here. Big thanks to all the folks who took the time to upload their projects! There would be no post without you.

To kick it off, we have this stunning architectural papercut by Liz Martin that was a wedding present for her friends.

Among other things, Don Walls contributed this awesome, macrame covered, Mickey's bottle.

Elin Jernberg whipped up a pair of X Files portraits that would make Chris Carter proud.

Schniders got crafty with a Beastie Boys needlepoint piece.

tbz contributed this sweet papercut, baby portrait.

Lisa Clarke got more than she bargained for with her Dalek snowman. Exterminate!

I guess we know Lauren Hoddy's views on smoking now.

Finally, local boy, Ted Hobgood makes good with this retro Doc Savage t-shirt that he stenciled with bleach.

Want to see your project on DudeCraft? Just upload your pics here and you may end up on the front page!


Instant Gratification - The Work of Patrick Winfield

In the life of an everyday blogger, there are some mornings where you click and click and click and nothing quite fits. Everything seems to be too cutesy, too done, or just too much. I've learned that this is just the universe telling me to persist a little longer, and it will show me an oasis of awesome in the desert of mediocre. Patrick Winfield's Polaroid composites definitely qualify. Go and check out the whole set. There's some amazing stuff in there.

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Stapled - The Work of Baptiste Debombourg

Found this sweet installation work of French artist, Baptiste Debombourg while I was cruising around today. Those are staples, people! Amazing.

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Mike Perry Eames Chairs

Normally, I'd consider it sacrilege to take a paint pen to an Eames Eiffel chair, but after seeing these, Mike Perry may have convinced me otherwise.

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Crazy Side Cars

I don't know why, but I've always been in love with sidecars, so you can imagine how delighted I was to find this mega-post full of bicycle and motorcycle sidecars all in one place. Some are pretty ingenious and some are ingeniously pretty.

Papercuts - The Work of Hunter Stabler

Debb turned me on to Hunter Stabler yesterday and man, am I glad. In her exact words: :"his work is like mandalas on Geiger acid". Precisely.