In The Pocket

If you have kids around the house, there may already be things growing out of their pockets. If not, you could always plant some. An interesting reimagining of the planter, no?

via unconsumption


  1. That is just simply...excellent!

    Off to the thrift store!

  2. Does this mean I need to borrow someone eles child? well there is always the sock monster collection I have....

  3. I think the coat growy thing is really cool and my brother is 13 this year and he nearly has stuff growing out of his pockets! Louis aged 10 in the UK

    Thanks for all the heads up when before sites with adult content, Its nice to know I can share this site with my kids, Louis Mum aged ??

  4. Dear Louis - Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me. I don't get nearly enough ten-year-olds commenting on the blog. Especially not ones from the UK. I'm honored. Plase write any time you'd like.