Isaac Salazar's Book Origami

I'm diggin' on the book work of Isaac Salazar. All information points to the fact that this is straight up origami, and looking at the pieces, without any other evidence, I'm believing it. Something in the back of my mind keeps whispering "laser, laser" though. Any bets? Check out his full Flickr stream here.

via recyclart


  1. My first thought was a laser as well, but after looking at these I changed my mind! Especially in the "love" book, you can see the folded awesomeness. Regardless of the method, these are great!

  2. every other page is dogeared twice in a specific way to form the word

  3. So its not true origami as there are cuts made. The internal folds originating from the center require a cute through the middle of each page.

    Its so simple, yet amazing. Basically the word is printed on the edge. That area is preserved and the rest is "folded away". I'm sure it takes a great to of practice to get the perspective right.

  4. These are awesome! I featured the Love book on my blog at www.ascrapoftime.blogspot.com.