Laura Anne Marsden's Eternal Lace

Okay, who has been hiding Laura Anne Marsden's work from me? Well, whoever it was, I foiled your plan and found her anyway. This stuff is made out of plastic bags, people! Plastic bags! This from her artist's statement:

"The technique Laura created is a combination of hand-stitch and needle lace-making with various processes to change the properties and appearance of the plastic bags. This technique is called ‘Eternal Lace’. The resulting textile can be sculpted and has many potential uses. Laura is devoted to working with recycling textiles in new, innovative ways and also ensuring that the results challenge preconceptions about undesirable recycled products."
Amazing, no? You need to go check out her whole portfolio here. Mind blowing stuff made out of one of the most damaging materials ever invented, and yet, beauty. The world is an amazing place.

via Unconsumption

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  1. Oh that's incredible. It certainly beats the knitted plastic bags!