Back to the Future

This series of then and now photographs by Buenos Aires photographer Irina Werning is making me happy this morning. Her subjects all look like they're having a blast. I especially like the third kid. Looks like his face has been stuck like that since childhood. More at Irina's site.

via The Best Part


  1. Love this idea, so simple, yet so brilliant. I've always wanted to do one with my brothers and sisters (I'm youngest of 7!). My dad would sit us down, in a line, with eldest at back and me at the front (in an, 'Oops upside ya head' kinda way.) Unfortunately, we are down by one now, but it would be great to do still.

  2. Jo, You should totally do it. There are three photos of me that immediately spring to mind that I would love to recreate like this. Like you said: so simple, so brilliant. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I assume that you are familiar with the music video for the Connell's "'74-'75?" If not, look it up. It's similarly brilliant.