Darren Booth's Painted Word

It's like a lettering fiesta around here lately, isn't it? Well, like a lot of stuff, these things usually come in threes. In any case, happy to add the painterly lettering of Darren Booth to the mix. Loving both the forms and the palette!

via Grain Edit


  1. Love this! I'm a huge type design fan, most of what I see is digital, it's really fun to see some painted :) When I think of typography based art, I think of graphic design...when I think of painting, I think of more of "fine" art... graphic design + fine art = awesome.

  2. Kristen - Agreed about the awesomeness. I also appreciate the paint! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Mornin' Paul.

    I just realized that Darren Booth also did the cover for UPPERCASE Magazine first work/life issue.

    Check it:

    Here's the link to UPPERCASE: