Holton Rower's Pour

Yes, Holton Rower is pouring paint on objects, but instead of having the old "is it art?" debate, let's instead take this moment to remember that pouring paint on stuff is awesome! So many more pictures and a video too over at Design Boom. Enjoy.


  1. It may not take a genius to "pour paint" but Holton seriously made an art form out of it. Those boxes and objects look like the have to be perfect angles for the overflow to be so well proportioned. Very creative art.

  2. Another stunning example of "Modern Art: I could do that. Yea, but you didn't." Watching the pour makes it even more hypnotic. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cool, attractive? Yes. Creative? Maybe. Art? Not for me; there's no significant human element (even less than Pollock) and the highest expression it seems to communicates is conveyed through simple color selection. I like it and it takes some skill, but definitely closer to craft than art in my book.