A Little Too Goth?

This couch, handmade from a steel coffin is a little much for my taste, especially at $4500, but if your Lilly Munster deserves some special love this Valentines day, here's your ticket.

via NotCot


  1. Oh wow. Equal parts awesome and unsettling.

  2. Ohh what a great designed Furniture, i really glad on that design very nice and i really enjoyed to used this post.

  3. But.... how can you call it a couch? I'd be scared to death (pun intended) to sit on it, much less fling or flop my bony butt down. It is obviously designed for more, erm, formal use... with proper sitting and whatnot.

    It would look perfectly at home in a vampire club or a steampunk convention... but I don't know a single goth (and I've known more than a few...) who are quite so hardcore at home. You'd have to build the whole room around it... It would be amazing in the right setting though.

    I like it, even though it's not really my style. It combines just the right amount of delicacy and creep factor to be worth what they're asking to the right person.

  4. Personally, I find that the underdeveloped legs ruin the whole effect. You have a beautifully heavy plush seat that are supported periously on some spindles. To be come more aesthetically pleasing, it should lighten up the side rails or bulk up the legs... IMHO.