Sponsor Love

In case your eyes haven't wandered to the sidebar for awhile, I wanted to alert you to all the rad new sponsors as well as the rad veterans that are occupying that space. In the last month alone, I've picked up an eco-friendly printer, an awesome jewelry artisan,a leather belt rug maker, and a purveyor of fine mobiles. Please show all my sponsors some love and check out what they have to offer. I guarantee you'll be delighted.


  1. I'm crazy about the leather belt rugs. Great for a kitchen or family room or anywhere else. The textures and patterns and colors together are yummy. Great new sponsor for you, Dude!

  2. Mary - Awesome! Thanks for taking a look.

  3. I'm glad to be a part of this site! If you are interested in a Leather Belt Rug I'll knock 10% off for Dudecraft-ites :)