Stop Motion Coin Film

I can't even fathom the time and patience this must have taken Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh to complete. All made from coins. Can you imagine? Commitment with a capital "C". Great job guys. Perfect 8 bit soundtrack too.

via illusion scene 360


  1. I was really hoping I'd pop across to the comments to see that someone else had already made the 'doubting thomas' remarks that I now feel obliged to make.

    If they'd been here already I'd be able to share a little thrill of righteousness, then perhaps a humble spoonful of melancholy that this 'D Thomas' was so keen to spend his (or her) actual life doing all this doubting... perhaps these guys really DID spend weeks and weeks in their 'living room' pushing coins around a large black cloth?

    Nah. Ad creatives with time and not enough paying clients this week. I blame the over eager animator they cajoled into doing the fakery with the promise of a gig on the next Dove concept.

    D Thomas