88 Bikes

Any of you who have been following along for awhile know that I have a thing for bikes. Greatest mode of personal transport ever, I think. Well, here's a chance to spread some of the cycling joy around a little bit. For just $88 you can buy a kid a bike in a developing country. That's it. $88. Cheap considering the difference something as simple as a bicycle can make in a kid's life. Of course, you can donate less as well. 88 Bikes maintains no office or staff, so your donations go directly to getting a needy kid up on two wheels. Awesome!

To read about and see video about this story, please visit the 88Bikes news page.


  1. Hi, I read, but never post. However, knowing something about this, I felt that I needed to mention that the kids never wind up with these bikes. They are almost always taken by an older family member. So, if you wish to donate money to help poor adults in a developing country get to and from work, then sure! Donate! But the claim that kids reap direct benefits from this is false.

  2. Anonymous - Please name your source and provide your name and your relationship to the charity. I'm definitely willing to take a look at all sides of an issue, but not without proof and not from someone who will not provide their name in a comment. That is a pretty sweeping accusation to make without offering anything to back it up.