Well, it may not be handmade, but this new curvy flooring is pretty darned cool. Here's how it's done:
"a device scans each board that passes through the machine, evaluates its natural curves and structural properties, then slices it into perfectly-fitting but uniquely-shaped floorboards."
File this under "I love technology"

via DorNob


  1. Cool, until you need to replace one.

  2. Oh ma gawd. I LOVE those.

    Though, dude above me has a dh is a floor sander, and I have joined him on many a floor..and I would quail at the thought of having to do that floor.

    Moral: get rich enough to hire someone else to do it. :p

    By the way..just came in to tell you I gave you an award on my blog, though not sure it is one you would even care about. :p