Penny Skateboards

PENNY AUSTRALIA from Penny Australia on Vimeo.

Okay, you younguns probably aren't going to understand this, because these things look like plastic skateboards that are less elegant and harder to ride than the usual fare you find at the board shop, but to anyone who grew up skateboarding in the seventies, these things are like coming home. My first skateboard was an orange Makaha that looked almost exactly like one of these. It had noisy bearings, loose trucks and was hell to ride, but I loved that thing and rode it until the wheels fell off. Thanks, Penny for bringing back some fine memories! Nice video too!

via notcot


  1. Ahh those are awesome! I had one of the standard blue with nasty orange wheels! Miss that silly board.

  2. Yeah Pennys are great! Reminding me of my youth, but easier to ride. Not to mention alternate shapes from Globe, Stereo and Brighton Skateboards. If you're in the UK you might want to check out