Working Escher Waterfall

Clever woodworking or digital tomfoolery? Whatever the case, it's a masterful job of making the impossible seem possible. Any guesses?

via My Modern Met


  1. I'm a little bit drunk right now, and it made me dizzy. 1 vote for digital tomfoolery. It is indeed incredibly skillful and whimsical to say the least.

  2. My guess is that it's not digital tomfoolery, but the camera angle playing a trick on the eyes in cahoots with the design of the waterfall, with the front most portion (where the water was poured in) actually being taller than the back.

    There's a tip off if you look at how his shadow falls behind the waterfall, where if it were actually taller, it would seem his shadow would fall on that back portion, instead of how it does.

    Or maybe I just need more coffee?

  3. Pffft. Localized distortion in spacetime, OBVIOUSLY. That was too easy. Next.