The Brush Man Cometh

Well, if you read the blog last Monday, you'll know that I took a little field trip down to the flea market in Raleigh to meet one of my sponsors, Tim Brieaddy (the leather belt rug man). I was loving getting to see the rugs in person, but I was really knocked out by Tim's hand turned, exotic wood shaving brushes. So much so that I needed to own one.

Well, Tim being the generous guy that he is, whipped me up my own brush out of some beautiful Cocobolo he had in his shop and the mail man dropped it in my mailbox on Friday. I was like a kid on Christmas. It was so pretty when I unboxed it that it took me a whole day to actually put it to use. Truth be told, I considered just putting on a shelf in my studio as an art piece and continuing my lame shaving regimen, but I figured it was an object that was meant to be used and so I did. I was not disappointed.

This is the first shaving brush I've owned since the sorry one that I had in High School, and this one is in a whole different league, let me tell you. I'm generally a guy who sees shaving as more of a bother than a pleasure, but once the soap hit the brush and the brush hit my face, I was actually enjoying it. There is something nice about rituals that involve beautiful tools, and this is certainly the most beautiful shaving implement that I've ever owned.

Want your own? You can get to Tim through his website here, and check out his Etsy shop where there are a handful of brushes for sale right now.


  1. they are so beautiful, that even though i just bought a new brush a couple months back, i'm really hoping to get one. and i can attest that tim is readily responsive via email if you have any questions (like i did). CHERRY HANDLE BRUSH, SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE MINE : )

  2. FrankO - I couldn't be happier with mine and, yes, Tim is very responsive.

  3. Whoohoo! A birthday gift for my husband. He went to using a brush a couple years ago and refuses to go back to shaving cream.

  4. Anonymous - I think any husband would dig one of these! Glad you found them! Thanks for the comment!

  5. $10 off for Dudecraft-ers!!!
    Just let me know and I'll send you a coupon!