Crochet Hoops Window Decor

Wow! I imagine patience was key in putting together this collection of beautifully crocheted hoops and making them into a window treatment. Result=really cool looking! Way to go, Wooly Fabulous!

via Knit Hacker


  1. What a wonderful and beautiful idea! I have a few windows that could do with something interesting like this. Thank you for my morning inspiration!

  2. I wonder if these weren't made from pre-existing items such as doilies and table-cloths of yore.
    It's beautiful.

  3. Jeri,

    I don't think so. Pretty sure these are handmade by the artist. Using old lace and doilies would be an easy shortcut to this look though, wouldn't it? Thanks for the comment!

  4. Love this, but our cats would tear it to shreds.

  5. Pretty sure these were taken from existing crochet articles--doilies, table clothes, curtains, bed spreads--look closely at the edges and you can see how some were cut. Beautiful, nonetheless, and a testament to the artisans who spent hours in their creation.