The Fliege Supergiro

Sure, it's just a concept, and if you had every Joe Schmoe flying around in one of these, you might as well re-name your town: Disasterville. Do I want one anyway? Yes. This from the site:
"The Fliege - Supergiro is a one seated sportgyrocopter concept. This aircraft is due to the bare, triangular frame design very robust, variable and visually memorable.

The pilot's seat is the main part of the aluminum frame construction with several interfaces for additional components like the seatshell, rotor, motor, tank, side bags, leggs and the rear wing. All the necessary instruments shall be projected into the pilot's Helmet. The aircraft can be easily customized. Perhaps the owner would like to update the combustion motor with an electric motor, in the future? "


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  1. This looks like my childhood dream come true! :)