Grain & Gram

See, this is one of the reasons I love my readers. If something escapes my notice, they always catch it and pass it on to me. My latest bit of gratitude goes out to Ansie, who introduced me to the Grain and Gram website (The New Gentlemen's Journal).

If I was going to make a website with interviews featuring amazing craftsmen and stunning photography, coupled with a spare and modern, yet classic, design aesthetic, it would look just like Grain and Gram. Luckily, I'll never have to, because Aaron Martin, Danny Jones, and Jonpaul Douglas have already done it, and they've done it very, very well.

Although the seemingly gender exclusive subtitle might lead you to believe that there is some kind of boy's club going on here, the site and the stories are really for everybody, regardless of gender. It's just good stuff. It's photographed beautifully. The stories are fascinating. If you're into reading about craftspeople doing their thing, Grain and Gram leaves little to be desired.

Kudos, Guys.


  1. Oh I'm in love with this one! Thanks for the intro Paul, now if anyone wants me I'll be over at Grain & Gram....

  2. Emma, Well don't spend all your time over there. We still need you over here!:-)

  3. Wow! That IS beautiful. On so many levels.