Guess Who I Found at the Flea Market?

I don't often get to meet my sponsors for DudeCraft, so when Tim Brieaddy ( told me he was going to be down in Raleigh at the flea market this past weekend, I knew I was going to have to make a field trip. I had been wanting to get an up-close look at the rugs Tim makes from reclaimed leather belts, and I was not disappointed. They are just as cool in person as they are on his site.

Also, as a bonus, I found out that Tim is now turning out some beautiful shaving brushes and restoring old straight razors in his spare time, both of which are really nice. I'm expecting my shaving brush in the mail this week and I'll post photos when I get it.

Thanks to Tim for hanging out with us and giving us the nickel tour through his craftsmanship on Saturday. It was great fun to stand around and talk shop for awhile.


  1. i'm interested in seeing and hearing more about the shaving brushes. : )

  2. FrankO - I'll post mine when I get it. Meanwhile, you could email Tim about them directly. Just go to his site for contact info.

  3. thank you - i think i will. i just bought a new shaving brush, but who's to say you can't have two? : )