The nice thing about running your own blog...

...is that you can do what ever you want, even if it's a little nutty.

Lately I've had a few emails from struggling artists and budding entrepreneurs expressing their interest in advertising on DudeCraft, but the budget just won't allow it. Well, having been a starving artist and a budding entrepreneur myself, I feel your pain.

So, here's me going crazy, because I love you guys and I want to see you succeed:

For the next week, I'm offering a 100x200px sidebar ad for the amazing price of "pay what you can". The only requirement is that you are a new artist, blogger, business person, who is trying to make a start of it and you need a boost. Of course, the ads also have to fit with the site. Other than that, no ad will be refused. Ads will run for 30 days from time of payment. Email me at dudecraft@gmail.com if you're interested in taking advantage of this one time deal.

You can pop over here to read what my other advertisers have to say about working with me and advertising on DudeCraft.

Here's a sample of the size we're talking about:




  1. I think that is so cool of you. Your compassion is something to live up to!! Anyone would be lucky to advertise on your AWESOME BLOG...

  2. thats kind and a great opportunity.

  3. Very nice idea. Makes me wish I had gotten off my ass and put together my site for my crafts.

  4. If my blog were of any real quality at all, I would be so very up for this.

    Either way, you're awesome for doing this sir. As someone who would like to get to that point some day, I thank you.

  5. I normally read your blog in Goodle Reader, but felt compelled to comment. I think this is great of you and I applaud the effrot.

    Also, I might suggest getting some of this advertising into your rss feed. Normally I hate such things, but I love your site and trust your process for selecting sponsors I actually would like to see/support your sponsors even in Reader.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Brett, I had another person suggest that, so I did some digging yesterday and I can't find a way to embed ads in the RSS feed for a blogger blog. Of course, here's a plug in for wordpress that does it, but I seem to be out of luck. Thanks for the suggestion though, and the nice words.

  7. This is the kind of attitude that is missing in everyday America and I'm super stoked to see someone putting it into action. Kudos on seeing the whole picture and not being a money crazed monger. Hope for your good deed coming back 20 fold :) Forever a fan!!

  8. Anonymous, Thanks for that! Nice, nice words.