The Flat Pack Stick Chair

I am continually stunned by folks who take the time to figure stuff like this out. Even after I read the explanation, I'm still not sure I completely understand how this chair works. Not that it matters, because it's awesome! This from the site:
"The illusion of three-dimensional complexity comes from implied curves created from a series of metal-hinged, interlocking rectilinear sticks, all intersecting and overlapping to give the impression of an overall smooth shape."

via DorNob


  1. Thats fabulous, and confusing all at the same time... basically get straight bits of wood, and hinge in the right places... hmmmm easy?!

  2. But is it comfortable? Looks like it might /almost/ be.


  3. I have no idea if they're comfortable, but it wouldn't matter. I'd probably just stare at it for hours. Thanks for the comments, all!

  4. Where did you find these chairs?
    They are great for display, but it would be a great waste if it isn't comfortable to sit in.