Hey Boo Boo!

Here's a genius idea, ripe for the DIY treatment. This is, like, the third thing in two days where I've just gone: "Oh, of course. Why has nobody dreamt up this object before?" Designers, wouter nieuwendijk and jair straschnow kill about ten birds with on stone here. First, you can sit down with out assuming a yoga pose to insert yourself into a seat, bashing your shins and nearly falling down in the process. I also love the "flip up, spin around, and lounge" aspect of the convertable seats. Neat!

via Design Boom


  1. First, I'm extremely proud of myself for getting your title.

    Second, this table reminds me of a wooden camp stool I had as a kid that kind of came apart and put together like that. Makes me nostalgic.

  2. Itsapicanictable! :) When it comes time to build a picanic table, THIS is the one I will build. Thanks for sharing!