I Can't Make You Love Me

Yeah, it's not a craft post, but DAMMIT, that's my friend and music teacher, Phil right there, playing piano on the Jimmy Fallon show while Justin absolutely slays this Bonnie Raitt classic. Exciting!


  1. Awesome! And I am very grateful that 'Justin' wasn't the Bieber one!

  2. I love how it begins with Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You" and goes into that Bonnie Raitt song.

    Your friend Phil and Justin slay it for sure.

  3. Great compilation of two outstanding songs, but as an Okie, I have to clarify that the first part was from "A Song for You" written by Leon Russell, who we're very proud of here in Tulsa.

    I couldn't find a version of it by Donny Hathaway, but if he did record it I would love to hear it.

    Karen M.

  4. tinkersmoon, The Donny Hathaway version is on YouTube. Thanks for the Leon Russel correction. A Song for You has a wikipedia page and it's pretty amazing how many people have covered it. Andy Williams actually broke into the Billboard 100 with it in the seventies. Go figure.