New Sponsor Love - Kitten Camaro

As I was puttering around in the garage today, I spied a package that had somehow escaped my notice when I was getting the mail earlier...and an awesome package it was. Turns out, it was my brand new cassette tape-themed, vinyl wallet from Kitten Camaro, a new sponsor I am taking on in May. Not only do I love the name of this shop, but I love my new wallet as well. Very, very good stitching, great theme, inexpensive. It's like a trifecta of awesome. Get yours here. Many themes to choose from. Custom work available.

Want to sponsor DudeCraft as well? It's so simple, a monkey could do it and so satisfying, it's like taking a bath in champagne while angels feed you chocolate truffles and your unicorn sings you to restful slumber. Email me anytime and we can discuss it. dudecraft::AT::gmail::DOT::COM.

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