Cows Fly

I usually wouldn't post something like this, as most of you come here for inspiration and not politics, but I have really mixed feelings about this "piece". I am glad the cow has a second chance to live, but animals are not art installations and cows are herd animals, so how much better is a lonely, elevated existence for our bovine friend here? Also, I noticed that this installation is from 2005. I'd like to know what became of the cow in the interim. You may now weigh in and I'll get back to the more inspiring stuff.

Here's the rest of the story:
"Rescued from its inevitable death in a slaughter house, and taken to a recreated farm on the top of a ten story building in the center of Santiago. The cow has a second chance to live, this time on top of the city as an impossible reality. Its newfound life opportunity as a rural icon challenges our own urban daily routines. The cow's building is strategically located within view of Chile's religious, political and economical powers. Forcing both the local authorities and population to stop and look again."

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  1. This does seem awfully sad, though I can appreciate what the artist's intended message is. Still, seems like there should be a better way to express the message than giving the cow a new way to (likely) suffer...