Phonehenge Slated to be Destroyed

Alan Kimble Fahey has worked for 30 years on this hodgepodge bit of outsider architecture in Los Angeles. He has poured his heart and soul into creating it, and now it seems like the authorities have had enough. Citing zoning and fire code issues (probably legit), they may well call for the destruction of the structure and Mr. Fahey may face up to seven years in jail for the violations. My question? Why now? The man has been building this monument to code violations for 30 years. It has withstood every natural disaster that has befallen Southern California. Is it really such a risk to just leave him be? I sense some kind of nefarious plot here.

via DorNob

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  1. Perhaps there is a 'nefarious plot.'

    Local building authorities' insistence on demolishing a structurally-sound building naturally results from bureaucratic thinking: "We are the government, we know what's best for you."

    Fahey's rebellious act of construction -- still standing despite the lack of official oversight -- is a monument to creativity, free thinking, and liberty. These ideals threaten to undermine the Peoples Republic of California, and Fahey the idealist is clearly in need of reeducation.

    Leland Stone