Pinstriping Pimp!

Dude! Check out this guy in the Royal Enfield factory in India, pinstriping one of their gas tanks by hand. It's like watching a magician. If you've ever tried your hand at pinstriping of any kind (like I have) you'll appreciate how difficult this is. If you haven't ever tried pinstriping, you'll still appreciate the fluid motions of this craftsman at work. Now, if they could just make a decent motorcycle, I'd buy one.

via neatorama


  1. I took a few dance lessons from a national champion ballroom dancer. Watching this reminds me of dancing with the teacher.

  2. Just watching him made me hit the mental state you can see him in, focused yet easy. I *love* that feeling, when I'm drawing or writing or knitting, when 3 hours go by in a blink because I'm in that headspace.

    & that little neck roll where you could see him working out a crick & getting himself back in that space? The videotaping & talking musta given his center a wobble for a moment. Pukka guy, straight up!

  3. I loved this video. I am a huge fan of pinstriping and hand lettering.

  4. sick. i'm a decorative painted and i can't imagine the ease of pinstriping like that. and that his shirt stays so clean.