Containers in the Country

There's no shortage of shipping container dwellings on the net these days. Due to the fact that you can pick up a raw container for $2000 or under, we are only bound to see more as the search for affordable housing gets increasingly difficult.

The quality of these structures varies wildly, so I appreciated this thoughtful design by architect, Andres Garcia Lachner. Located twenty minutes outside San Jose, Puerto Rico, this country container cabin retains the cool industrial feel of the containers while managing to feel warm and homey with it's bright exterior and comfortable living spaces. Bravo.

via Gizmodo


  1. I'm actually considering using these to build my home in Costa Rica. There are quite of few of these homes down here. A great alternative to other building materials.

  2. I have a keen interest in cargotecture [I finally started a Tumblr ( last year as a repository of information about container buildings], and find the design of this container house is particularly well done.

    BTW, if you're able to edit your post, you may want to correct the architect's name; it's Benjamin Garcia Saxe, not Andres Garcia Lachner.