Whale Tissue Caddy

Usually, I am firmly against anything that is referred to as a "caddy" unless I'm playing golf, in which case, you know, tally ho! I am, however, strangely smitten by this whale tissue caddy by Gnome Sweet Gnome. Just add your own orange birds and you'll have the perfect accessory for when you're shedding a few tears over Twitter service interruptions.

via Swiss Miss


  1. Paul, don't be a such a Moby Dick--Caddy's are fantastic! In fact, I'm going to write a caddy song for you. xooxoxxoxo

  2. I get my dudecraft entries as a feed to my feed reader account, where it shares that space with a tools blog. All I see of each item at first is a headline. For a few seconds I really puzzled over this headline. I mean, how many of us need a caddy to carry around whale tissue?