The Brompton Oratory Jacket

Sigh. Scrolling through the winners of the 2011 Eurobike awards over on Design Boom, I was all but overwhelmed with reflective, chain guarded, swoopy bits of abject boredom. That is, until I ran across the Oratory jacket by Brompton. I haven't exactly held out any great hope for the return of stylish cycle clothes, being that we've lived in a spandexian nightmare for the last 30 years, but Brompton (the makers of those foldy bikes) surprised me. This thing is made of cotton! It's got lapels! It's waterproof! Oh, happy day. Thank you, Brompton. Please keep it up.

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  1. dear handsome hipsters, please take note! perhaps in this i will whistle at you for a change! sincerely, lab babe