Moto Undone

Loving this deconstruction of the motorcycle by Joey Ruiter. Not a nod to comfort or styling in evidence here. Just a block on wheels powered by a zippy electric motor. I wouldn't want to ride it for more than five minutes, but the look is very, very cool. Check out the whole story at Core77.

Side note: I do wish that all builders and riders would realize the importance of wearing a helmet in photographs. One of the things that always drove me nuts about Jesse James and the biker build off guys was their refusal to wear helmets and acknowledge their position as role models for kids. Brain injury is no joke. Even if you ride "lid free", can we just slip on a full face for the snaps? /rant


  1. Totes agree about helmeting up! A friend of mine asked his partner to wear a full face helmet because "You know what I really love about you? Your lower jaw"

  2. Gorgor - Right! If you look at the facial impact stats, the jaw and cheekbones are way out ahead of the rest of the skull as being likely to hit pavement. Heck, I don't like to wear a full-faced helmet either, but I like my life and my face more than I dislike being a little hot.

    Having said that, it's a personal choice. What I most object to is seeing pictures and videos of guys looking cool on their rides, because you just know that some kid is going to make an uninformed choice about riding without a helmet just because he saw some other, older dude doing it.

    Acknowledge your responsibility, cool biker dudes! Let's get together on this.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Watching the video of that kid getting pulled out from under the car yesterday by the bystanders, when you see he has no helmet or other safety gear on I thought "if it were me I'd push him back under the car because he clearly has no regard for his own life"