Street Realism from M-E-S-A

I'm really impressed with all the large-scale realism that's going on these days. It's not exactly a new movement, but it seems to be growing and there certainly is a lot of beautiful stuff to be seen out there. These pieces above are from Spanish artist, M-E-S-A and you can see much more of his work, both on walls and on canvas, here. Enjoy. via NotCot


  1. Hi Paul,
    Enjoyed your ukulele group at Open Eye today. I would have said hello, but it was pretty crowded up where you guys were packing up.
    Doing any yarny things recently? We miss you at Cozy!

  2. Hey Lisa, Thought I spied you there. Glad you enjoyed it. Haven't been knitting recently, but you know I'm a foul weather guy, so I'm sure the sticks will come out soon.:-)