Your Ad makes a Difference in December

In, truth, your ad always makes a difference, in that it keeps the Dude Craft boat afloat. But until January 1st, any ad revenue I collect will go much farther than that. For the rest of this month I'm going to split everything 50/50 with my favorite charities. Yup, HALF! In addition, I'm also offering a price break for you, the potential advertiser, as an extra incentive. Buy any 200x200 ad for $25.00 (30 days). Buy a year for only $270!!! You can even split that into monthly payments of $22.50 if you sign up for my auto pay system. Tiny budget? How about a 100x200 ad for ten bucks? How's that for a deal? Don't have anything to advertise? You can still buy a 200x200, one day, birthday ad for that special someone. Just email me to get started or ask any questions:  

Who will the other 50% be going to? I would certainly want to know this and I'm sure you do too.

First, some will go to the Killian Mansfield Foundation, whose mission is to empower children with cancer and other serious illnesses through integrative health care dedicated to treating the whole child—mind, body and spirit.Those of you who have been reading along for awhile know that Killian was a friend of mine and that his family is carrying some great work in his name.

Secondly, a part of the funds will be going to 826 National, a nonprofit organization that provides strategic leadership, administration, and other resources to ensure the success of its network of eight writing and tutoring centers. 826 centers offer a variety of inventive programs that provide under-resourced students, ages 6-18, with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills.

 Lastly, a part of the money will go to The Insight Prison Project, dedicated to reducing recidivism rates and improving public safety by conducting highly-effective in-prison rehabilitation programs that provide prisoners with the tools and life skills necessary to create durable change. These folks are really making a difference.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

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