Maurizio Anzeri's Embroidered Photography

I'm digging these creepy/cool, embroidered photographs by Maurizio Anzeri. There's some intricate stuff going on here and a lot to notice and react to. Beautiful, haunting pieces. This from the site:
"Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri is part of a group exhibition, 'makeup' at a palazzo gallery along with john bock, dr. lakra, lothar hempel, jamie isenstein, alan reid, markus schinwald, john stezaker, sue tompkins, ryan trecartin, vedovamazzei, francesco vezzoli. human models photographed and perfected by the touch of some of todayʼs artists in their untiring quest for ideal beauty, unconventional, made-to-measure. the exhibition, curated by mariuccia casadio, displays an epoch-making modus operandi, a tendency to reinvent the information and materials of memory, a drive to customise the existing, defining and inexorably explaining contemporary imagery. anzeri's has developed a distinctive style of embroidering directly onto vintage photographs blending the past with future. through geometric patterns, the multi-coloured embellishments somehow seem to visualize the subject’s thoughts."
via DesignBoom

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