Well, it is an election year... I guess we should expect a heightened level of suspicion for people asking for money. That's totally cool. I get it and one reader ( I'm sure there are more) would like to know why I'm rollin' like that. So, I'll tell ya', then you'll know. I'm all about transparency and full disclosure. This from a reader:

"Hallo Paul, I really like to follow your blog every day. I like the homepages and other blogs you link. But I really do not understand why you need more money for this blog. I'm shure your entries cost you only some minutes every day. You get money from the people advertising on your page (don't they pay every month?). Your domain cannot cost so much? I'm no blogger so maybe I totally underestimine the costs of such an activity, so I do not want to offend you, I'm just curious. Keep on blogging!"
and here is my response: "Hi "Reader", Let me start by saying that I hate asking for money and the vast majority of bloggers, including myself, certainly aren't in it for profit.

In terms of your questions, let me speak to value first. Specifically, the time that goes into DudeCraft every day. While it is true that it takes me "some minutes" to put up a post, it takes some hours to carefully curate the site, respond to emails, tweets, and facebook messages (of which there are many). I'm also not asking for anyone to pay for my time. Donations are a completely personal choice. If you feel that there's not enough value here in order to give anything more to the site, that's perfectly fine. Really. However, if you feel like the site has given you enough joy and inspiration over the years, and you can spare a buck, that's great too.

DudeCraft has been around for three years now and, in that time, I have been very careful to not hold my hand out too often. Once a month, I'll run an advertising deal post, and I have never, until now, asked for straight donations.

Lastly, if you'll notice my post above, I mention "technology upgrades". So, you see, I'm not actually asking for money to just "maintain" the site. I'm seeking to improve it, which has costs associated with it. More costs than I normally make from DudeCraft, thus the donation drive.

Really lastly,  I assure you that I am no snake oil salesman and that nobody is getting fleeced, nor am I getting rich. My message is inspiration, my product is DudeCraft, if you like it, you can give me a dollar. That's about as honest as it gets. And while I admit a certain amount of frustration as I read your words, I also want to thank you for challenging me to explain myself in a clearer way, and also to reexamine this current endeavor from a reader's perspective. Thanks for writing. Best, Paul"


  1. I definitely think the site has some value, I can spare a little cheddar.

    Thanks for showing me something awesome nearly every day!