Aw, Shucks...

A little while back, I did a post on the handmade oyster knives being produced right down the road from me by Michael Waller at Carolina Shuckers. Today, upon arriving home I found a small package that, much to my delight, contained a gift of my very own oyster knife (signed!) from Michael himself. Nice!!! And let me tell you, this is one of the nicest purpose specific tools I have had the pleasure to own. Obviously made by a guy who knows his way around an oyster and, as Michael says..."it opens beers too".

Thanks, Carolina Shuckers! Oh, and don't forget, you can get your very own bespoke oyster knife at the Carolina Shuckers website. I'd let you use mine, but I'm feeling kind of shellfish. (rimshot!)


  1. I was looking at this while reading and trying to figure out how I could make use of one of those. Living in the desert doesn't have much opportunity for shucking oysters...then I saw the bottle opener part. Nice!