Incredible "Floor" Held Up by 180,000 Plastic Figures

If you have a craving for crazy multiples this morning, this piece by South Korean artist Do Ho Suh should satisfy it! This from the site:
"Floor is an art piece that features 180,000 plastic figures holding up a glass floor that’s able to support the weight of viewers. It was created by South Korean artist Do Ho Suh and can be seen at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute."
via IT

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  1. There is a small version of this-- only 4 panels-- at the Ackland Art Museum in Chapel Hill where I used to work. It's not on view all the time but definitely worth a visit when they have it out.

  2. I love the humor of this! And the political message? What we can do if we unite.

  3. We also have a version of this at the Indianapolis Museum of Art; currently it's the main photo on their homepage,

  4. He was featured on and PBS series Art: 21 (which is an all around awesome series) and I show his segment to my high school art students. They find him fascinating too!