Being Too Busy and Still Eating Healthy

I've been in the entertainment business for many years now, and one of the constant challenges is to maintain a balanced diet while working insane hours. Being a cook of sorts, I'm always looking for alternatives to what I usually make for these situations. Lucky then, that Kristi over at Thirty Pounds of Apples has several delicious recipes for just such an occasion. I'm totally trying the Bierocks this week. Let me know if you make any of these things and how they turn out.


  1. These sound totally delicious, and I need to make them!

  2. Thanks. Looking forward to several of those, now.

  3. these are my FAVORITE food items at our local Sausagefest every September! i wait all year for them. so VERY stoked to see a decent recipe for them, for everyday making! thanks for pointing us in the right direction. ::hugs::