Spring is Here - Time to expose yourself...

...and your business. DudeCraft maintains some of the lowest ad rates in the blogosphere, because we like to see people and their businesses flourish. If your thinking about making the move to blog advertising, I guarantee we can find a price that makes it easy for you to jump in. We've done it for many others, and we can do it for you.

Here's what some of our sponsors are saying:

 “The only place I have ever advertised is DudeCraft and I couldn't be happier. The rates are very fair, and my business has been very steady as a result. Paul is a pleasure to work with and I very much enjoy that it feels more like a friendship than just a business relationship.” -Pat from Neuron Rebellion

“Since beginning to advertise on Dudecraft last fall, knithacker.com has experienced a noticeable boost in category-targeted traffic. In fact, Dudecraft quickly became the site's second-top referer, nestled comfortably between Twitter and Facebook. I'm pleased with the results so far! In addition, Paul is careful, thoughtful and a pleasure to deal with.” - Lily from KnitHacker.com

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Want to get started or have questions? Shoot us an email at dudecraft@gmail.com

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