Fourteen Year-Old Girl is Building Her Own Car

Meet Kathryn, an otherwise normal teen who has just happened to spend the last two years restoring a Pontiac Fiero by herself and with her own money. She started this when she was twelve, folks!! Her deadline? Sweet sixteen, of course, when she will finally get a chance to drive her creation. You can check out the rest of the story (and a good story it is), over at Jalopnik. Hat tip to Kate for sending this along!!!


  1. If my old workshop teacher ever saw me standing like that near a drill with my hair not tied back he would have blown a gasket! My childhood lessons were filled with dire warnings of being gobbled up by the machines in one way or another.

  2. Very impressive. More young people should be exposed to working with their hands. I didn't start restoring cars until I was 14. She has probably already learned more than most ever will. Keep up the good work.